Performance of multilingual play by renowned Theatre thinker Manjul Bhardwaj "अनहद नाद - Unheard sounds of Universe"

On 28 Janury,2017 (Saturday) 11 AM
Shivaji Mandir, Dadar (West), Mumbai

Art is an exploration…. ever evolving process of fine tuning the nuances of creativity to facilitate the life to be alive to make mankind as humane… ever evolving artistic process purifies human to find their purpose of life, to encourage and strengthen their belief in “Humane & Humanity” …
Artist is a creator &  commits entire creativity to art, to carves into an ever evolving & free flowing spirit of positivism…. dedicates this vision of ‘Emancipative Artistic Positivism” to the world and inspire the world to commit their energy to create a world which is  ‘better & Humane’….

Artist do not live to fill up their bellies but to make the life artistic, to connect the human life with nature, to create harmonious rhythm between mankind & nature… as the mankind disconnects itself from nature … it becomes self disruptive & suicidal ..Man destroys mankind … and today in the name of “development” .... Man is at its peak to destroy the nature & mankind …. Today everywhere is war, violence & exploitation … nature is crying for peace…Love & harmony… the market and consumerism has overpowered the art & artists and made them puppets…. robots to propagate the neo global policies of Globalization .. which are a direct threat to nature, it`s biodiversity and pluralism … converted mankind into a “buying & selling commodity” for profit, consumption & exploitation!

In this challenging time and nature`s cry one way is to be silent and doing nothing, only waiting for a miracle… instead of doing nothing …we the performers of “theatre of relevance” chose to perform "अनहद नाद Unheard sounds of Universe"... Premiered on 29 May 2015 in Ravindra Natya Mandir in Mumbai to liberate art & artists from productization.. .. Since then the dedicated “TOR” performers are enlightening the artistic fraternity & audiences through their emancipate performances…   
The play “अनहद नाद - Unheard sounds of Universe” is an exploration of artistic needs to emancipate art and artists from productization to commit their artistic creativity to make the world better and humane and not a profit and loss balance sheet of life. This formless play is conceived, designed, written & directed by internationally known theatre thinker and philosopher Manjul Bhardwaj.
Manjul Bhardwaj is a theatre person who responds to national challenges and sets national agenda through his philosophy "Theatre of relevance".

The artistic fraternity & audiences gave an overwhelming response to this artistic emancipative celebration… We invite you to experience this wonderful performance on 28 January, 2017 at 11 AM in Shivaji Mandir ,Dadar (w) Mumbai.

The dedicated & committed “TOR” performers Ashwini Nandedkar, Sayali Pawaskar,Komal Khamkar & Tushar Mhaske made possible to actualize this gigantic dream !


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