Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Drop by Drop : Water " a play by well known playwright Manjul Bhardwaj

The Experimental Theatre Foundation
" Drop By Drop: Water "

Written & directed By Manjul Bhardwaj

Water is the culture
Helping us to nurture
Water is the power
let’s save it everywhere!
Water is the miracle in nature. It generates itself through a natural cycle & cultivates, cleans, & helps all of us to survive. This universe or globe cannot exist without water. Nature proposes & man
disposes. Has the man fulfilled his responsibility towards water? Yes
being the living creatures, we all have right on water. But what about
our responsibility to conserve, preserve & reserve it? While realizing
our own rights, do we also think of fellow human beings who are
deprived of their rights?
For most of us it is our basic need but for some of us has converted
marketing & selling of this natural resource into their greed for
money. So water is the business also! We are playing with this super
power by destroying plants, ponds, wells, & rivers & replacing them
with buildings, malls, factories. With man's greed for modernization,
will water remain our means of survival or will it be a means to our
Water doesn't discriminate
Water doesn't alienate
It civilizes us
It humanizes us
The need of water is equal in everyone-men, women, rich, poor, higher
caste, lower caste, etc. But being men, we have used our muscle power
to make it the responsibility of women to fetch, fill, preserve & save
water. Being upper caste, we have used caste power to make water our
Water is also a symbol that we are human & also of our hospitality.
It’s human to give water to anyone who needs it.
Water denotes our civilization. More free is the water, more free or
liberated the women of that society. More pollutes the water, more
polluted are the human characters. More abundant is the water, less
fights over it.
Today we are fighting over taps, ponds, & rivers for water but the day
will come soon where there will be World War over water. The globe
will be warmed but human beings will become cold blooded to kill each
other for survival, putting an end to civilization & humanity.

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