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"थिएटर ऑफ़ रेलेवंस" नाट्य कार्यशाला से ३१ अक्टूबर २०१४ को हुई इप्टा कोल्हापुर की स्थापना - मंजुल भारद्वाज


The theatre of Revolt … Manjul Bhardwaj

The theatre of Revolt … Manjul Bhardwaj From its origin street theatre is the theatre of revolt. When establishment is not listening to you and no option left then you come to the street and demand for your rights or protest against injustice. So by nature street theatre is a theatre of protest. It is the voice of voiceless. Hence it`s nature is political. Street theatre is a political theatre; it has an in built revolt against system .So the practitioners of street theatre must be very clear about the ideology and purpose of street theatre. Street theatre practitioners should not mix street theatre with folk theatre or theatre of celebration as it is being written in many news articles and also on Wikipedia. Street theatre is a modern word, referring to the theatre performed on streets, grounds to create consciousness about the contemporary political, social and economic situation to provide political, social and economic analyses of the contemporary situations and provide a direction…
Theatre of Relevance (TOR) is a philosophy initiated & practiced by well known Theatre personality Manjul Bhardwaj since 12 August, 1992 in India and all over the world. Theatre of Relevance envisages audience as first, foremost & strongest theatre person and then writer, director, performer follows. TOR brings out theatre from the cocoons of Entertainment to a way of empowerment and sees theatre as a way of living. TOR has proved that theatre is a process of constructive change and a volcano of revolution with its experiments all over the world. TOR rubbishes capitalistic approach “art for art sake” as escapist & opportunistic and commits it`s creative excellence to make the world more “Better & Humane”.

Theatre Thinker Manjul Bhardwaj

संस्कार पत्रिका के अक्टूबर अंक में प्रकाशित

Preparing people to perform on life’s stage

Ivninderpal Singh
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, June 10

When Shakespeare 500 years ago said that the world is a stage and we are all actors, he might have said so symbolically. But theatre actor and director Manjul Bhardwaj is translating the Bard of Avon’s thought into reality.
For Manjul, theatre is not a medium of entertainment but an expression of human thought, feeling, experience, and, it has a purpose. “I see theatre as being relevant to the context of society and it owes a social responsibility. It’s not just art for art’s sake but caters to human needs and provides itself as a platform for expression,” says Manjul, who has learnt something from every experience on his “fulfilling” journey from Rohtak to Mumbai.
Theatre of Relevance
Commits creative excellence to make the world more better and humane
Is relevant to the context of society and owes its social responsibility
Caters to human needs and provides itself as a platform for expression
Explores itself as…

UNMASKING -THE MASK a book by Manjul Bhardwaj & Mahaveer Jain on "Theatre of Relevance " philosophy


“थिएटर ऑफ़ रेलेवंस” कार्यशाला