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25 years of “Theatre of Relevance” :3-days Theatre festival in Delhi

“Theatre of Relevance”-25 years of theatrical philosophy
10, 11, 12 August 2017
 "3-days theatre festival in Delhi"

Epoch is created and wrought through contemplation. Contemplation, being generated from within you and crossing global horizons, survives in the world.  Art make humans human. Artistic process & reflection alone possesses the capacity of soaking human poison. The period after 1990 has been an era of “Irrelevance” for the world. This has been a period of monopoly and dictatorship. A period of limiting the principles of science to technology alone. Today is the period of buying and selling. A period where media instead of being faithful to the people, is faithful to thy masters & rulers. In these threatening times, the “people” needs ‘contemplation’ for their issues and a platform for their concerns. ‘Theatre of Relevance” theatrical philosophy’ has evolved as a ‘contemplation platform’ for public concerns since 12th August, 1992 and it is completing 25 years of its theatrical philosophy today. In these 25 years, ‘Theatre of Relevance’ has appropriated its global flight via streets, squares, villages, tribes, towns, and cities and has gained global acceptance.

 Principles of Theatre of Relevance
1.    A Theatre that commits its creative excellence to make the world more “Better & Humane”.
2.    That is relevant to the context of the society and owes its social responsibility, not to Art just for the Art sake.
3.    Which caters to human needs and provide itself as a platform for             expression.
4.    Which explores itself as a medium of change/development.
5.    That comes out from the ' limits of entertainment ' to a way of living.

(“Theatre of Relevance” was conceived by famous artistic contemplator “Manjul Bhardwaj” on August 12, 1992 and since then it is practiced and implemented at Indian and at international level.)

Today in the era of the destruction of nature in the name of development, it is a challenge for humans to be humanA 3-day ‘Theatre of Relevance-Theatre festival’ is being organised at the epi-centre of power of the country , “Delhi”, on August10, 11 and 12, 2017 to connect you with  your inner human sound through the medium of the plays “Garbh”, “Anhad Naad- Unheard Sounds of Universe” and  “Nyaya ke Bhanwar me Bhawari”. Your meaningful and constructive engagement is expected. Because according to ‘Theatre of Relevance’ philosophy, audience is the first & foremost theatre person.

Famous plays “Garbh” and “Anhad Naad-Unheard Sounds of Universe” written and directed by Manjul Bharadwaj and starring Ashwini Nandedkar, Yogini Chowk, Sayali Pawaskar, Komal Khamkar, Tushar Mahske would be staged on 10 and 11th of August, 2017 respectively at 6.30 pm at “Muktadhara Auditorium” (Gol Market, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, New Delhi-01).

While on 12 August at 11.00 am, a new play “Nyaya ke Bhanwar me Bhawari” written and directed by Manjul Bharadwaj and starring well-known theatre actress Babli Rawat would be premiered at “M L Bhartia Auditorium”(Lodhi Estate, Lodhi Road, New Delhi -03).
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