Sunday, July 19, 2015

What is Theatre of Relevance ?

Theatre of Relevance (TOR) is a philosophy initiated & practiced by well known Theatre thinker Manjul Bhardwaj since 12 August, 1992 in India and all over the world. Theatre of Relevance envisages audience as first, foremost & strongest theatre person and then writer, director, performer follows. TOR brings out theatre from the cocoons of Entertainment to a way of empowerment and sees theatre as a way of living. TOR has proved that theatre is a process of constructive change and a volcano of revolution with its experiments all over the world. TOR rubbishes capitalistic approach “art for art sake” as escapist & opportunistic and commits it`s creative excellence to make the world more “Better & Humane”.

Fundamentals of Theatre of Relevance

 A Theatre that commits its creative excellence to make the world more “Better & Humane”.

• A Theatre relevant to the context of the society and owes its responsibility, not to Art just for the Art sake.

• A Theatre caters to human needs and provides itself as a platform for expression.

• A Theatre that explores itself as a medium of constructive change and/or development.

• A Theatre that comes out from the ‘limits of entertainment’ to a way of living & empowerment.

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