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Indian Playwright Manjul Bhardwaj`s Plays


Indian Playwright Manjul Bhardwaj has written plays on the current & relevant issues of the masses. His plays raise the voice of the exploited and victimized individuals, groups and society. He has written plays on the children issue and their rights. Women are progressive protagonist in his plays. His play “Mera Bachpan “has been performed more than 12000 times in India and abroad on renowned theatres to the common streets. The play has revolutionized the life of more than 50 thousand child laborers in India.

The play delves with conflict of Manhood and the humanity. The play deals with the challenges of living life as a human. The Plot subtly delves into human psychology and questions the existence of invisible cocoon which is woven around each one of us by the nationhood, racism, religion, caste, system!


The play “Vishwa – The World" unfolds & explores the dreams, desires & aspirations of the   destitute & deserted young people.  Who fights against all odds of life and comes out as Survivors.The play is performed 25 times at various cities in  Germany

Laadli:  A play on sex selection which echoes the voice of countless unborn girl children…about the prejudices of Indian mindset and attitude toward girls. The play advocates the celebration the birth of girl child and her life!

Unfolds the sufferings, sorrows, pain, anguish, anger & exploitation of the victims of human trafficking.



(Mist) is a play that explores the delicate and complex theme of child sexual abuse. It juxtaposes the world of vulnerable and innocent childhood with the world of predatory adulthood – two worlds that co-exist within the intimate framework of the family. How can we create a world of sensitive human beings capable of nurturing & protecting millions of defenseless children? At the close, the play invites the viewer to get involved, since no one in the drama of the real world can remain a mute spectator.

B –7

The play B-7 depicts the story of 7 birds that are facing a threat for their survival. The birds decide to form a fact-finding committee to list out the threats to their survival. This way they enter in the human world and expose the reality of today’s world. How the children are being deprived from their childhood and how the globalization “Who are you to decide about us” is affecting the children in the world. In the end the birds committee suggest the world to save childhood and humanity. This was premiered in Germany. It is being performed in English, Hindi & German.

Is an exploration of " Who am I"----------- a plunge into the tide of time across the land to " Womanhood -- the anguish & power, the strength & vulnerability of womanhood." 

A socio – political satire through the life of eunuch.

The Indian woman is either venerated, as a goddess or else pitied as a long –suffering victim figure. Despite the undeniable advent of more progressive attitudes towards gender roles in recent times, the oppression of women persists in subtle and not so- subtle ways. This play explores the issue of domestic violence the way in which the woman at home often finds herself in a far vulnerable position than in a hostile external world. This play has been performed more than 500 times on stage and street.

This play explores the issue of child abuse (Labour) and exploitation in its varied manifestations. The play has been performed more than 12,000 times, on street & stage, in different Indian languages all India and Germany. The shows are running till date.

This play is a satire on consumerism i.e. how the media creates need, which are never being fulfilled.

Written after the Bombay riots of 1992-1993, this play is a plea for communal, as well as a scathing indictment of a system where opportunists manipulate religious sentiments for political ends. Eventually it is common man who becomes helpless pawn in the unscrupulous machinations of power of politics. This play has been performed successfully more than 1000 times on stage as well as on street.

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‘Artists’ attain enlightenment through the radiance of their art and not through the cravings of their belly.-Manjul Bhardwaj

‘Artists’ attain enlightenment through the radiance of their art and not through the cravings of their belly. -         Manjul Bhard...