New Play "Garbh"

The Experimental Theatre Foundation



Written and directed By Manjul Bhardwaj

Cast: Rajkumar Kamle and others

On 8 Jan   7 PM


Bhupesh Gupta Bhavan, Prabhadevi, Dadar (w)

Open Invitation to all who makes this world Humane


The play deals with the challenges of living life as a human being!

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The Experimental Theatre Foundation has completed 18 years of Theatre of Relevance (1992-2010). ETF was founded in 1992 by Manjul Bhardwaj and like-minded people to practice the philosophy “Theatre of Relevance”.

ETF since 1992 has been acting as a laboratory of theatre experiments for constructive change (in contents, form, stage, presentation, technique, set, costume, make up & all aspects of theatre in relation with the experiments in theatre & society, i.e. political, economic, social, cultural & religious) & implementing each and every aspect of “Theatre of Relevance”.

 ETF has evolved herself as a centre of theatre movement to develop theatre performers in every part of India without sticking into a trap of huge infrastructure & financial assets. ETF is a people’s organisation of theatre that caters their challenges of day-to-day life (communal riots, gender inequality, child labour, economic reforms & globalization, female feotus, domestic violence, violence on women, unemployment, education, HIV, basic human rights, natural calamity like earthquake & Tsunami) through theatrical performances & processes.

The passionate young, adult & child performers living in different parts of India are the reliable resource of ETF. These performers have immensely contributed in terms of performance, dedication and commitment to build this movement. Salute to all the dedicated performers of ETF!

The organisation is an inspiration, motivation, hope & dream house for countless performers & people who want to evolve as better human being to make the world more “Better & Humane”.



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